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Ibiza is a perfect destination to visit with family . The safety and beauty of its beaches, its history, heritage and culture as well as offering complementary leisure ( Aquarium , Karting, Minitrain Aquamar , etc.). Offer endless possibilities for small and large can move from holiday.

 For children
 Traveling with children to these islands , they will find many activities for them.

 Water parks are more things that they like ( and fathers too). They have varieties of slides and water attractions to spend a good day , various size pools, and depth , for those smaller areas , lifeguards, infirmary , restaurants and souvenir shops. They usually open between 9 and 10am in the morning and close early on 18 hours , which is why we need to go early to enjoy the day.

 Very important to be protected from the sun with cream it will renew continuously , including or being bathed with shirt, because are many people who suffer sunstroke by the sun after a full day in the water park .

 The most important parks in Ibiza are Acualandia CAP Marinet and Aquamar in Platja d'en Bossa. Normally in hotels you can buy inputs, or in the park entrance directly .

 As part of this, in all tourist areas there are many activities for children. Mini golf , bungee jumpins (these metal structures with elastic ropes and harnesses, where children jump on elastic beds), play areas , etc. .

 Anyway, the best entertainment for children will be a beach day in the sand and play in the water . The beaches of Ibiza generally calm waters (some even with tobogán to be thrown into the water ), small barquitos ( optimist ) , cucumbers ( floats as cucumber with several seats) and surf schools .
beach cala vadella

  One of the most salient aspects of this range is the range of services, restaurants, bars and shops it offers, in addition to many opportunities for water sports. A true natural pool of crystal clear water, very popular and family, where you can enjoy a perfect beach day.
  Dimensions: 260 m in length and between 50 and 80 m wide.

  Orientation: West.

  Composition (substratum): natural sand fine grain and light color.

  Seabed sand with some rocky and underwater vegetation zones. Shallow soft unevenness. At 50 meters it does not exceed two meters deep.

  Environment: natural, residential, tourist.

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